“Why   Not   Me!”

  1. * In May of 1988, having not, for one moment, believed that a man could develop Breast Cancer, Mark had a modified radical mastectomy, followed by chemo. and radiation.

  1. * In September 1992, he came to the  Komen “Race for the Cure” by way of rejection. Having been told that, as a man, he would not be allowed to  run . . . . .

  2. *He Ran!


So started his mission of awareness that:

“Men should not die from Breast Cancer out of ignorance!”

Member  National  “Honorary Team New Balance”

from 1995 to 2010

“Komen Ambassador” to “Race for the Cure”

from 2011 to date

Ran in every Komen “Race for the Cure” “Stateside”

+ duplicates and 5 International for a total of 223 Races

For those who are now or may in the future, struggle with the physical assault and emotional challenge of Breast Cancer, there is an alternative to the “self-abusing”  admonition of  “Why Me?” with the adoption of the dynamic, uplifting and self fulfilling.

“Why   Not   Me!”